The Truth About Sex
1 Corinthians 6:19

The urge for sex is not bad. It’s totally a natural thing. God created it but when done outside marriage, it becomes abused (equally called Sin).
Sex outside the circumference of marriage Tempers with the sanity of a believer’s soul, it brings about this sense of guilt when you want to worship God. It damages one emotionally.

Vs 16&17 of 1corithians 6 shows or proofs that there is a transfer of spirits transferred through sexual intercourse.
[ ] One truth about sex is that there is a transference of spirit. Contraceptives may prevent and protect you from STD’s, infections, pregnancy etc but not spirits.
We must be conscious about your destiny so we don’t miss what God has in store for you.
[ ] Sex has alot to do with your emotions. It doesn’t mean that Sex can’t happen without emotions, it is what is popularly know as prostitution.
Discipline yourself. Work on your emotions. Be conscious when people throw things that are costly as cheap. Be direct with your decisions.
[ ] Sex is spiritual just as it is physical.

Before you go on your sexual adventure?
[ ] Have you sat down to count the cost of your adventure?

As a guy if you want to go far in life, control your sexual appetite.
Your body is the temple of God. Keep it holy and pure.
No matter how far you’ve gone, you can still come back home.

Photos from Valentine’s meeeting  “LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX”

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